The Eyes of the Setting Sun- Update!


Wow, can you believe it’s been four months since our last newsletter? Well, we swore to ourselves we wouldn’t drive people crazy with emails in the inbox and so far so good!

So why are we here today? Because of Christian Madsen’s book, The Eyes of the Setting Sun-. It’s been over a year since we offered this beauty onto the shelves, and the time has come. The book has officially aged, and changes must be made.

The first change is we will no longer be offering it in hardback form. This is an old tradition. In the old days before the internet and the flushing crash of the big bookstores, a book would come out in hardback only to be replaced with paperback if (and only if) it did well.

We’re approaching this tradition in our own way, though! For all of our books that are first printed in hardback, we will be going to paperback after a year or so no matter what.

The Eyes of the Setting Sun-, paperback edition, will be sporting a new cover. Digital editions will also be updated to sport the new cover. And… we’re embedding the cover right here for you to see.

If you really wanted to get that hardback copy, all we can tell you is hurry before it’s too late! We here at WoTA have all of one copy left in our stores and then it’s gone. So so gone.

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