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Songbook for Pentatonic, the 1993 British filk convention
Chris Bell (editor, illustrator)
Zander Nyrond (illustrator)
Publisher: Beccon Publications, 1993
Rights: Contents copyright Pentatonic, January 1993. Copyright reverts to contributors on publication.
Physical info: A5, comb binding
ISBN: 1-870824-20-2

  • Fan in the Bar
    Chris Bell (lyricist)
    Zander Nyrond (lyricist)
    Based on: “Beautiful Girl on the Train” by Pete Atkin (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • 4-Play Filk
    Dave Parkinson (lyricist)
    Zander Nyrond (lyricist)
  • Sugar for Inspiration
    Zander Nyrond (lyricist)
    Based on: “Flowers for Algernon” by Kathy Mar (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Way We Do in Bendo
    Chris Bell (lyricist)
  • Corruption of the Innocent
    FanTom (lyricist)
    Based on: “Sixteen Tons” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Spaceships
    Linda Short (lyricist)
    Oriole (lyricist)
    Based on: “The Titanic” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Soul Thief
    Kate Soley (lyricist)
    Based on: “Norwegian Wood” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • I’m on PAL
    Peter J. Evans (lyricist)
    Jim Swallow (lyricist)
    Based on: “I’m on Fire” by Bruce Springsteen (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Filksinger
    FanTom (lyricist)
    Based on: “Early One Morning” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Death, the Anthropomorphic Personification
    Simon Amos (lyricist)
    Based on: “Puff, the Magic Dragon” by Peter Yarrow (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Filked Ya
    Chris Malme (lyricist)
    Based on: “I Kissed You” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Mon Seul Desir
    Talis Kimberley (lyricist)
    Based on: “Mon Seul Desir” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Shallott
    Chris Bell (lyricist)
    Talis Kimberley (composer)
  • Kwisatz Haderach
    Simon Amos (lyricist)
    Based on: “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Intervention
    Simon Amos (lyricist)
    Based on: “Lord Grenville” by Al Stewart (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Librarian, Song of the
    Kate Soley (lyricist)
    Based on: “9 to 5 Barbarian” by Bill Sutton (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Filking’s Not Fair
    Bruce W. Grant (lyricist)
    Based on: “Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be?” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • From a Fragment
    Chris Bell (lyricist)
    Note: The first verse dates from the sixteenth century; the rest is by Chris Bell.
  • Desolation Road
    Simon Amos (lyricist)
    Based on: “Telegraph Road” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Three Little Maids
    Pat Silver (lyricist)
    Based on: “Three Little Maids from School” by Arthur Sullivan (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Filker’s Prayer
    Oriole (lyricist)
    Based on: “Slane” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Old Man Reiver
    FanTom (lyricist)
    Based on: “Old Man River” by Jerome Kern (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Techie Gopher
    Chris Bell (lyricist)
    Based on: “Little Susie” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Idic Way
    Rhodri James (lyricist)
    Based on: “The Preacher and the Prof” by Jane Robinson (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • On Top of Cthulhu
    Kate Soley (lyricist)
    Based on: “On Top of Old Smokey” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Yuppie’s Hymn to Thor
    Oriole (lyricist)
    Based on: “As With Gladness Men of Old” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Eternal Rewriter
    Bruce W. Grant (lyricist)
    Based on: “Eternal Loser” by Leslie Fish (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Fan’s Daydream: or, Let the Tech Ops Beware
    Kate Soley (lyricist)
    Based on: “Mash” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Tribbles on the Way
    FanTom (lyricist)
    Based on: “Amateur Rebels” by Leslie Fish (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • My Big Furry Friend
    Kate Soley (lyricist)
    Based on: “My Four-Legged Friend” (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Invitation
    Talis Kimberley (lyricist)
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