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Closet Monkey is a (very) short badly-sung album created because Spearcarrier wanted it to be so. She calls this her “learning CD” because in the end it’s all in fun. In proper filk tradition, it was recorded at home using Spearcarrier’s sound studio set up and mastered by someone who has no idea what she’s doing. It is a mix of experimental-sound folk music, original compositions, and acoustic melody. Downloads are set to pay what you want (which means you can even get them for free).

  • Let’s Play is an electronic-folk fusion using Spearcarrier’s original composition coupled with an electronic and fun arrangement.
  • O Child of Mine is a modern day folk song about a native mother’s shock when she sees a changeling in her baby’s cradleboard.
  • Wind and Rain is a haunting traditional folk song sung with autoharp accompaniment.
  • Wuthering Heights – cover song; another ghost tale written and originally performed by Kate Bush
  • O Death – Spearcarrier had put this one out by listener request. An Appalachian traditional song also known as “Conversations with Death”.
  • All the Pretty Horses – Performed by Spearcarrier, remixed by Looperman’s Micky
  • Rising Sun Blues – The song that got Spearcarrier into playing for other people. There’s a story behind it she tells often.
  • It Comes – a poem. Because why not.

Closet Monkey is, well, a closet of monkeys. Not laughs, but 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. At least there are ghosts in this barrel.

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