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Let us tell you about this tape in the artist’s own words….
Side A
  1. Lycanthropy (filk of We Got The Beat)
  2. I Hate Little Fire-Lizards (performance of a Julia Ecklar filksong)
  3. Ronald-Reagan-Carl-Sagan-San-Diegan Pagan Blues (performance of a Paul Willett filksong. Each verse is a different style of blues arrangement. While Willett wrote it to the tune of The Richter scale, I set it to an original tune of my own.)
  4. Cold Plastic (Sam Mize lyrics with Leslie Fish tune)
  5. The Bagpipe Who Wouldn’t Say No (my setting of a Shel Silverstein poem)
  6. the Lepers of Dune (meet Godzilla) (filk of a well-loved fixture of the Dr. Demento radio show)
  7. Regency Cyberpunk (instrumental, written by me)
  8. Ladyhawke! (straight performance of a Julia Ecklar tune).

Side B

  1. A Reconsideration of Anatomical Docking Maneuvers in a Zero-Gravity Environment (performance of a Diana Gallagher filksong)
  2. Blazon (for Free Luna) (my filked version of a Clip Flynt tune)
  3. Little Teeny Eyes (performance of a Tom Digby tune, with one verse by Lee Gold in amongst the Digby verses)
  4. the Time Traveler (my setting of a poem by F. Gwynplaine Macintyre)
  5. the Chemist’s Drinking Song (performance of a tune by John A. Carroll, with extra verses by me and Jordan Kare)
  6. Convention-al Overture (instrumental, written by me)
  7. Hear them Roar (performance of a tune by Chris Weber)

1993, Not on Label

Only 1000 of these were made; you get ONE (1) cassette. These cassettes have been in cool storage and appear  to be in mint condition. They are still in their original factory seal, so I am unable to inspect very far without opening the seal. Any information available has been presented in this listing. Sold as is. And what makes them really cool is the Elvis reference in the cover art.

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King of Filk


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