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Simon and Garfunkle. Kanye and Jay-Z. Milli and Vanilli. Each duo made stronger by the sum of its parts. Each duo complementing each other’s strengths and obliterating their weaknesses. The world can now add The Causticles to that list.

Comprised of Caustic’s Matt Fanale and The Gothsicles’ Brian Graupner, The Causticles debut ERIC GOTTESMAN has been a long gestating project– in around its 20th trimester to be exact– but dammit it was worth the wait.

ERIC GOTTESMAN has 13 tracks of bouncy, infectious stomp as only two of the strangest minds in industrial could conjure. From the EBM crusher Spacebugs to the RPG inspired True Tales of Made Up Adventure to the rollicking closing track The Causticles Ain’t Nuthin’ Ta Fuck Wit, The Causticles blast high energy fun into your earholes like a tweaked out Ceti eel and leave you begging for more. Or maybe just begging to stop. Either way there’s some sort of begging going on.

Here’s a pretty nifty article about it.

  • 1 Resultant Forces (An Introduction)
  • 2 Ruin The Party
  • 3 Headbutt To The Guts
  • 4 Spacebugs
  • 5 (I’m Not) Functional
  • 6 The Matrix Is Real
  • 7 Snail Hatin’
  • 8  True Tales Of Made Up Adventure
  • 9 ¡Röcktüng!
  • 10 We’re [Literally] Here For Your [Figurative] Pussy
  • 11 A Case For Hate Speech (First Amendment Vocal Version)
  • 12 Stranger Danger
  • 13 The Causticles Ain’t Nuthin’ Ta Fuck Wit

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