The Heavenly Bride Chapter 1


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The short and sweet first chapter of the OEL webmanga, Heavenly Bride – a tale of one dragon’s infatuation with one girl and the love that could save them both.


Imagine being a celestial dragon trapped in a human body, invisible – until you meet the girl with violet eyes crying in the garden. Imagine being drawn to her without quite understanding why, all the while knowing you should keep your distance…. Imagine, then, that you are Lhung.

Lhung is a dragon trapped in a mortal body with a secret. He meets a girl who also has a secret. Drawn together they forge a friendship that must stand against their world.

Adult rating notice: occasional episodes contain adult material. Best read on larger devices (Nook Color or larger).

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One vampire’s infatuation with one girl, and the love that might save them both. Beautifully drawn, Heavenly Bride sweeps the reader into a magical world with dragons disguised as people and girls hiding secrets behind violet eyes.

Lhung is a celestial dragon, but no one can see him – except the girl he meets in the garden. The tears in her eyes caught his attention. Her secrets intrigued him.

Despite warning himself he should leave her be (and her trying to run away), they become friends.

Even past his own secret shame that he must bear alone.