The Life of Death


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It’s like a sketch diary, a quirky and funny pencil sketch comic based on true life events in the life of the author. From army wife to geek life, cats and beyond. They’re sloppily drawn, they’re funny, and they’re (exaggerated) true stories. Maybe you can relate.

Available on paper or in digital format. Digital copies best read on mid-sized and larger screens.

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Published: 4/23/2013

A rarely done quick sketch commentary by Katrina "Death" Joyner of the Writers of the Apocalypse regarding random events in her life. Normally "The Life of Death" can only be seen as online voting incentives for Katrina's webcomics and in small spurts in the back of her minis, but this volume compiles the first 32 comics produced in incentive secret. They're sloppily drawn, they're funny, and they're (exaggerated) true stories. Maybe you can relate.

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