Surmounting the untrustworthy

Lately we’ve had a few packages shipping out not make it to their destination. Once or twice I can understand, but when you hit a certain number and the packages always seem to disappear when going in a certain direction, then it’s time to get suspicious.

Yes we have the local post master investigating it. And I’ve got the complaint form to the attorney general ready to go if I don’t hear at least something in the next few days.

In the meantime, it looks like I gotta tack a charge from here on in and make shipping insurance mandatory. Because some of these items? I can’t replace those. And I’m mortified we have a repeat offender who is either hoarding them or, dare I say it, putting them up for resell somewhere. (Yes, I do notice when certain things crop up in the channels.)

This sounds paranoid, but I’m presenting the worst case scenario so folk will understand. This choice doesn’t come easy. I want to keep things affordable…. but enough is enough I say. It’s time to start taking precautions as best I can.

Here’s hoping I don’t have to go all the way up to the top just because someone has sticky fingers. If that’s what is happening. Won’t know until things are completely investigated.

Made it!

… Wow! I finally made it to the end of all. That. Stock. I had in my hallway. It is now catalogued and put into the stock closet, safe from… well… my pets.

This was just the stock I traveled to Georgia to pick up. I have some other items that will now be added in at a much faster pace. Amongst these are some classic filk songbooks – a must for any filker – and a good host of items produced by the Dodeka label.

It’s so hard to resist the temptation not to just buy these and keep them all to myself.

Do do do

Remember me mentioning a large amount of inventory being added to the store? After getting about 3/4 of it in, I am slowing down from updating the store every day all day to scheduling one or two days a week to do the deed. I’d been putting other things off for the project, and I can’t put them off anymore.

Also, Dodeka joined our little online store family and some of their library of items will be added along with the Liebmann material.

Another exciting bit is that my own first (badly done) album, Closet Monkey, joined the mix in CD form today.

But let me sing you the song of what’s been added recently and leave you alone after that.

  • Ra – Faut!
  • A Celtic Christmas – Marc Gunn (up for a limited time until I teach the store to only show seasonal material at the right time)
  • Sci-fi Drinking Songs – Mark Gunn
  • The Burning West Indies – Meg Davis – a special collectible CD. Some (if not all; I haven’t been able to check yet) come with an autographed tracklist.
  • On Deck 11 – Larry Warner
  • Falling Toward Orion – Bill Roper
  • Celtic Music Today
  • Logick – Nancy Louise Freeman
  • Seven Miles A Second – Bill Roper
  • Closet Monkey – Spearcarrier (that’s me) Fresh off the press!
  • My Favorite Sings – Kathy Mar
  • Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits – Mark Gunn (He seems to like drinking songs.)
  • Our Kind of Strange – The Faithful Sidekicks – this one is fresh off the release press!
  • For the Birds – Margaret Middleton – a download with the option to get them for free.
  • Seven White Ponies – Highland Reign
  • Festival Wind – Heather Alexander
  • Millenniel Pandemonium I

Yes, there’s more! But this has gone on long enough.

The Store is About to Burst!

That’s what I typed. The store is about to burst, and it’s only going to get worse.

Long story short and as mentioned in the F is for Filker Facebook group, we recently made a pilgrimage to Atlanta to pick up Michael Liebmann’s stock.

Filker and actor Michael Liebmann passed away on July 26, 2016, due to complications from surgery for a brain tumor. He was a native New Yorker who had lived in New York, in California and finally in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a graduate of California State University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Administration (Accounting suboption). He worked as a legal secretary. He was also a veteran, having served in the United States Navy from 1979 to 1984.

Additionally, he was instrumental in starting GAFilk, a filking convention in the Atlanta area which has been going on since 1999, and he was known as a vendor of filk and Celtic music at local highland games and Celtic festivals.

Read an interview with him here (click!).

We’ll be adding things to, which links to ebay and amazon if internet daemons are willing. A small few are items apparently considered unobtanium, and then there are other items that look kind of cool. There are a lot of filk albums, and there are a lot of Celtic albums.

One item I will be inputting today is the old-fashioned type of filk-album: it’s a homemade CD. Not as old-fashioned as a homemade tape, but still nifty.

It’s a lot of stock. So after thinking about it all the day long, we’ve decided we’re going to be releasing things in batches. We’ll process a box of his stock (and you’ll know we’re doing it because the store will go into vacation mode and not let you buy anything) and then we’ll rest because we have lives and music to practice. I hesitate to announce every single time we do that, but we most likely will.

So we’re announcing it now, a little late we might admit. We’ve already put a lot of things into the store. And you’ll need to check frequently if you don’t want to miss anything, I’m afraid. I just can’t bring myself to spam people with frequent updates.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the American Brain Tumor Association, which has been helping people fight brain cancer since 1973.

We’re also adding Akashik’s second chapter in paperback to the store! We’re publishers. Did you think we were having so much fun filking we forgot how to read? Ha. You jest.

Balticon Tapes anyone?

This post is going to take a personal tone to it. It’s just how I roll. Maybe it’s the Southern thing, I dunno. But let me begin. Hi, how are ya? How’s the family? Did the dog get over the cough yet?

Some new items have landed in the shop, and I’m excited by all of them. The most prominent, which has only just been added today, is the Baltion Tapes 2 CD set.

Now if you’re here for the filk, you may already know about these tapes but I’m announcing it anyway. From 1978 to 2003, these songs were recorded like precious fruit off of the filk tree to be put into this musical collection. You’d better get yours now before I decide to keep them all for myself. I only have 5 in the inventory right now, but I may be able to get more if the cosmos is kind.

Another thing that’s been added is t-shirts. This is something that I’ve played with off and on for more than 10 years, and lately a way opened up for me to offer high quality and create designs on my own terms. It’s a very fun way to reproduce my artwork in more ways than the usual prints collected by those that love my stuff.

That being said, some items that support Akashik, the comic put out by The Writers of the Apocalypse (and thus partially found in this store) have been put into place. We have it’s first official t-shirt (and I can’t wait to get mine to wear simply everywhere) for starters. We also have a travel poster a fan expressed very loudly they simply had to have a copy of. And of course the print version of Chapter 1 (finally available) and more sure to come.

We’re still sniffing around for more filk to add to our library, so stay tuned. But that’s enough rambling for one day.

Lively Liveliness of Live Stores

My eyes are bleeding and my fingers are numb, but 99.9% of my convention stock has been put into – because I figured if I’m going to pay more attention to the store for filk I might as well make sure it’s a complete store. Yep. We now have game dice, enamel pins, charms, bookmarks (when I recover enough to add them), and of course the filkings of filk.

Thanks to the filking community at large, a huge bulk of our filk CD stock has been sold out. The ones we carry for commission have been restocked as much as possible, but the ones we buy outright will be handled over the next few weeks. This means more Leslie Fish will soon come back into stock, as well as Cynthia McQuillin.

We normally keep low amounts because the CDs started out as convention only items, but I admit I do enjoy it immensely when I see a filker’s commission automatically pay out. Kind of gets you right there. This means we want to expand our inventory and have been contacting some of the more experienced filk hucksters to see if they want to dig in their closets. (So far no luck but we’re hoping.)

We do have the capability to do mp3 downloads, but that’s a mess so we continue to focus solely on the shinies. CDs for the win!

We also have the last CD Prometheus Music had to send of Traveller. So once that one is gone, unless the satyrs find more in a closet somewhere like they did with Dreamer and Westerfilk, they will be gone.

As far as books are concerned – we are a book publisher after all – the Random Battle Tabletop Game (RBT Game for short) will also be added to the store soon. The PDF of the gamebook is set to pay what you want through our gaming distributor, but for you? How about free. We already have the comics associated with the games housed in the store and a game dice set that includes one of the collectible game cards. Might as well complete the process.

And now that’s out of the way I can go back to concentrating on my comic(s) and recording my own (very bad) things. I personally am about 1/2 the way through my own CD endeavor, Closet Monkey – something I’m making because I once stood in the Jacksonville Stadium and swore I’d be on stage. I’ll settle for having a badly-done CD. Tee hee!

Signing off for now!

Dreamers are back in stock!

If you joined this newsletter to hear when Dreamers are back in stock, then good news! We just received a new shipment today and they’re ready to go to your hot musical hands.

At this time we’re not sure if this is the last Dreamers that will be available, but let’s not quibble with sad things. Let’s make some music!

Dreams of Fortune

Today we just acquired a new product. (Yay!) This would be CDs of Cynthia McQuillin’s Dreams of Fortune.

I’m a little late when it comes to discovering Cynthia’s music beyond that copy of Wolfrider’s Reflections my ex-husband got for me years ago, and I sure wish I had been able to meet her in this life. Admittedly I do prefer the older more “classic” things, but Cynthia’s stuff is just plain fun to sing and listen to. The tales she tells (ha!) are interesting, and I think that’s what makes her music so wonderful.

So if you don’t have her CD and you’re like me when it comes to music (my CD stack keeps getting larger no matter how much the industry wants me to believe they’re obsolete), then you may want to toddle over to get one. Or look at the cover art. Whatever.

And of course you can buy the digital version from Flowinglass Music here:

Dreaming of Filk!

For the past couple of weeks, we have had in our store – thanks to the sly machinations of Prometheus Music – some classic songbooks. Awesome stuff: Dreamer and Westerfilk.

These were found in the back of a closet; so far back, only satyrs knew just how to recover them from where they had been buried beneath an abandoned lamppost. Once brought into the light of day, we were happy to know that many musicians of the filker variety would love to have them in their hot little hands. Now we expect to hear many more songs revived and remembered.

We’ve sold out of Dreamer for the time being, but lo! In another closet portal, more Dreamers were uncovered. These Dreamers were most likely hidden away by beleaguered filkers on the run, but the kind nymphs of that closet region worked with the selkies to dredge up the chest from the watery deep for us to restore to the world.

They are currently being carried to us personally by postal unicorn. If you’re one of the many who hoped to buy a copy of Dreamer but didn’t make it before they were all out, check back. They’re on their way.

New Giveaway: Nobody’s Victims

As promised, our next giveaway is LIVE! Do you want a copy of Leslie Fish’s latest book, that sweet sweet collection of stories?

Just go to LibraryThing and get your request mojo on. Link below!