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Matilda the Morbidly Magnificent was just a street waif that Merline the Magician took pity on. No one knows her name… unless you also know about her magickal menagerie of manito and monsters. Matilda may never have become a top rate magician herself but the manuscripts she stole from Merlin before miraculously making her escape taught her how to capture (read: make mincemeat of) the fae folk and other magickal denizens of the supernatural world. Some scholars think she managed to make charms out of millions before meeting her maker.

The common forest fairy was the first denizen of the magickal realms that Matilda managed to ensorcel using her mighty magick. This type of fae is also known as a sprite. They can be friendly or mischievous, depending on if they like your or not. Forest fairies are sometimes responsible for taking care of certain areas of the woodlands. Their primary duties when given this sacred task include nurturing saplings, making woodcutters miserable, and napping. It is believed this fairy was dutifully taking a nap when Matilda caught it.

Matilda’s Menagerie is a charm series produced and created by K. J. Joyner. Only one charm in the series is designed and produced a year. Each charm comes with it’s own box, the trapped magical creature, the spell used to entrap it, and a special item associated with the creature.

The Charm: First of the Matilda’s Menagerie Series produced in 2016, the Common Forest Fairy was captured quite easily by our tenacious Matilda. Thoughtfully she pulled one of the fairy’s wings to keep it from flying away, should it manage to get out of it’s prism prison.

The creation process: When creating the next set of charms in the series, the artist assembles all materials that will be needed for a limited run of charms. She starts by drawing main design – the creature – and begins to assemble from there.  (This sometimes takes all year.) The artist tries to use nickel-free elements and sometimes will use gold-plated or filled materials. (But no guarantees.) She creates the prism tops by working with rhinestones – this can sometimes burn her hands if she gets careless.

She doesn’t make all of the charms at once, but instead makes some here and there when she gets the time. Due to the nature of the process, charms in any given set of the series can differ slightly from one to the other. Once a charm’s set of materials runs out, the creation is done – which keeps each charm set down to a limited number running from approximately 25 to 50 charms.

Each charm in the Matilda’s Menagerie series comes with it’s own back story and display box, which uses public domain images where possible on principle.