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We haven’t tried writing newsletters in the past year because the system broke and I could na’ fix it.   But maybe it’s working again. Or maybe you’ll come to where these posts go to die to read it. Either way…. Let me apologize in advance if you get this more than once. I’m still trying to figure out why things broke and if they can be fixed, if ever. We had a lot of requests to get the email list back up and running at Chambanacon this year, so here I am. Trying to fix.

First! Working with Prometheus Music, we here at the fox print house are considering making a vinyl edition of one of Julia Ecklar’s latest albums: Indistinguishable From Magic. Why? Because vinyl is back – some are saying it shall never ever ever leave (kind of like rock and roll is here to stay) – and people love vinyl. They want vinyl.

I can happily say I loved vinyl before vinyl made a comeback, and it’s so nice to be able to get vinyl copies of more recent music.

If you’re interested in getting a vinyl edition of Indistinguishable From Magic, visit the following webpage and sign up. If we get four sign ups, we’re on. Price is tentative for now. We don’t know how much it’s going to take. Obviously we’d like to make them as affordable as possible, especially in these trying times. We’re working on it.


Second! There was a bit of a pricing mixup on the website. Oops! Let’s just say I tried to tweak a bunch of items in one go, instead of one at a time, and now I’m having to track down and fix. I thought I had them all, but I was notified this morning of a CD that normally goes for a smaller retail than the website had listed. Yes, I have that fixed now.

There’s also the problem of the EBay middleman. Sadly, when it comes to working with EBay (or Amazon for that matter0 the items get priced a lot higher there. I kid you not when I tell you that eBay fees push the market price up to a much higher bracket. I’m always tweaking numbers and working with the system to figure out how to bring things down comfortably without putting me (and my 20 cats) on the street. It’s a long process.

So if you check back often you may see the prices fluctuate, or you may already be noticing the prices going crazy. It’s just me trying to figure out what’s the best way to handle things. Sorry for the mixups!

Third! We’ve added (I hope) a free shipping option! Why? I dunno. People like it on EBay, I thought maybe people would like it on the website as well. Besides, it helps when it comes to selling at conventions. =^-^=

Fourth! Just a reminder that we’re always adding new stock (for now). There are a lot of items on my shelves that aren’t added in just yet. I tend to only add on Mondays, though, but sometimes I just get bored. And lately we’ve been working on filling in the database at Discogs.com and offering items there, which is great for the filkers because it helps get their names out there even more!

We’re definitely taking the Pokemon approach to the website and trying to catch them all. We hope you’ll want to be next.

And I think that’s it. I’m going to hit send now and hope it goes through….

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