New Stock from Germany! (And Rising from the Watery Ashes)


A lot has happened in the past few months, but I’ll do my best to make it brief!

First, we went to Viking Fest with our stock.Things were going great! Until that squall hit, that is. The ships were sunk. Vikings were flounding on the muddy land. And our tents – both of them – collapsed, nearly taking our stock with them.

A lot of the CDs were thankfully wrapped, and thus they suffered no damage. But then there were others.

As a result, this website will be holding sales on water-damaged stock. They’ll be sold at price,  so that we can at least pay the artists to whome they actually belong (in such cases).   So keep your peepers open on the place. They’ll be cropping up here and there in spuratic spurs of spuraticness. It won’t be fast,  but it will be happen.

In other news, we got our little mittens on some German stock!  We’re very excited to be adding these items to our lineup, and we hope you’ll be just as excited by them. We have:

FilkCONtinental 1998
FilkCONtinental 1999-2000
Lord  Landless- Garden of the Lost

Woo hoo! (Which we would also say in German, except we don’t speak German except one curse word taught to use by a German exchange student sometime in the 80’s.)

There’s also a rumor we  come across a very excellent German filk newsletter. Keep your eyes open for that,too… if the rumor proves true.


Mysterious Shop Appearances
February 25, 2023Northeast Scottish Games and Festival with our Celtic Music and more! Check us out in Jacksonville, FL.
April 28-30 2023Viking Fest with our folk music, art, and more!
July 01 - July 3 2022Inconjunction in Indianapolis with our filk stock!
September 24-September 25 2022Clayshire Castle Medieval Faire in Bowling Green, Indiana with our folk music, art, and more!
November 19, 2022Kingsland Catfish Festival, Kingsland, GA
November 25-27 2022Chambanacon with our filk CD stock!