Lively Liveliness of Live Stores


My eyes are bleeding and my fingers are numb, but 99.9% of my convention stock has been put into – because I figured if I’m going to pay more attention to the store for filk I might as well make sure it’s a complete store. Yep. We now have game dice, enamel pins, charms, bookmarks (when I recover enough to add them), and of course the filkings of filk.

Thanks to the filking community at large, a huge bulk of our filk CD stock has been sold out. The ones we carry for commission have been restocked as much as possible, but the ones we buy outright will be handled over the next few weeks. This means more Leslie Fish will soon come back into stock, as well as Cynthia McQuillin.

We normally keep low amounts because the CDs started out as convention only items, but I admit I do enjoy it immensely when I see a filker’s commission automatically pay out. Kind of gets you right there. This means we want to expand our inventory and have been contacting some of the more experienced filk hucksters to see if they want to dig in their closets. (So far no luck but we’re hoping.)

We do have the capability to do mp3 downloads, but that’s a mess so we continue to focus solely on the shinies. CDs for the win!

We also have the last CD Prometheus Music had to send of Traveller. So once that one is gone, unless the satyrs find more in a closet somewhere like they did with Dreamer and Westerfilk, they will be gone.

As far as books are concerned – we are a book publisher after all – the Random Battle Tabletop Game (RBT Game for short) will also be added to the store soon. The PDF of the gamebook is set to pay what you want through our gaming distributor, but for you? How about free. We already have the comics associated with the games housed in the store and a game dice set that includes one of the collectible game cards. Might as well complete the process.

And now that’s out of the way I can go back to concentrating on my comic(s) and recording my own (very bad) things. I personally am about 1/2 the way through my own CD endeavor, Closet Monkey – something I’m making because I once stood in the Jacksonville Stadium and swore I’d be on stage. I’ll settle for having a badly-done CD. Tee hee!

Signing off for now!

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