Inconjunction 2021


We just returned from Inconjunction for this past 4th of July weekend. If ever there was a time to remember how precious your freedom is, it’s at times like this when everyone is stepping outside for the first time in a year or more. It felt pretty good.

To say me and my bunch celebrated our freedom while also working the convention is accurate, bearing in mind we try not to take our freedoms for granted year ’round. And. And and and we came back with some more swag for the store, and that’s what I’m here to tell you about. (We hope you had a wonderful Independence Day weekend!)

First up, I’d been getting told about the Shake Ups for a while now. Their music was interesting, and lo! Lo! There they were at Inconjunction, as if by Fate! So yes, we made a deal. Their first album, Meddling Kids, is now installed in the store. We have three glorious copies to start with. We hope to get more, if you like them!

We also procured several Year One CDs by Five Year Mission, an Indianapolis-based Star Trek tribute band.

Then we cornered Tom Smith, who happened to be there for some strange filking reason. We don’t know why he was there; something about being the master of something. It was all very Dr. Who.

We wrangled CDs out of his bare hands. It was a tough battle. He beat us with his nylon-stringed guitar. He threatened us with satire. He finally gave in.*

Then, because we’re greedy selfish jerks, we forced him to autograph them.**

Now the store proudly sports various more titles by him than we did before, many of them with autographs. Among them is Plugged, a classic of course but worth it, as well as And They Say I’ve Got Talent. We also managed to snag the iTom collection – aaahhh, these aren’t in the store yet, but they will be soon.

Finally, in case you didn’t know, we have a various number of Meg Davis The Burning West Indies that also come with autographs. These CDs came to us practically naked, so they have been lovingly placed into their own jewel cases and have been given CD inserts that are unique to Wôks Print. We print them ourselves and everything.

We also have, in case you missed them, the new Julia Ecklar CDs: Indistinguishable From Magic and Rise Again.

And now we shall sit on our hoard and hiss at anyone who happens by. Or we’ll sell you a copy. Who knows….


  • *Some of this might not be true. Or all of it. Or only a little bit of it.
  • **ibid. But the CD inlays are autographed. Maybe it was magic.***
  • *** Science!

2 Replies to “Inconjunction 2021”

  1. I’m envious. I’ll have Philcon, Chessiecon & Discon3 all bunched together towards year’s end, but after all this time without a RL con, they still feel forever away.
    If you know anyone who is willing to mongol cds songbooks cassettes to you, let me know.

    1. If it’s any comfort, I’m envious you get to go to THOSE cons.

      We could always see about mailing small packages here and there. We can talk more in private over that.

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