Dreams of Fortune


Today we just acquired a new product. (Yay!) This would be CDs of Cynthia McQuillin’s Dreams of Fortune.

I’m a little late when it comes to discovering Cynthia’s music beyond that copy of Wolfrider’s Reflections my ex-husband got for me years ago, and I sure wish I had been able to meet her in this life. Admittedly I do prefer the older more “classic” things, but Cynthia’s stuff is just plain fun to sing and listen to. The tales she tells (ha!) are interesting, and I think that’s what makes her music so wonderful.

So if you don’t have her CD and you’re like me when it comes to music (my CD stack keeps getting larger no matter how much the industry wants me to believe they’re obsolete), then you may want to toddle over to get one. Or look at the cover art. Whatever.

And of course you can buy the digital version from Flowinglass Music here: https://flowinglass.com/dreams-of-fortune

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