Dreaming of Filk!


For the past couple of weeks, we have had in our store – thanks to the sly machinations of Prometheus Music – some classic songbooks. Awesome stuff: Dreamer and Westerfilk.

These were found in the back of a closet; so far back, only satyrs knew just how to recover them from where they had been buried beneath an abandoned lamppost. Once brought into the light of day, we were happy to know that many musicians of the filker variety would love to have them in their hot little hands. Now we expect to hear many more songs revived and remembered.

We’ve sold out of Dreamer for the time being, but lo! In another closet portal, more Dreamers were uncovered. These Dreamers were most likely hidden away by beleaguered filkers on the run, but the kind nymphs of that closet region worked with the selkies to dredge up the chest from the watery deep for us to restore to the world.

They are currently being carried to us personally by postal unicorn. If you’re one of the many who hoped to buy a copy of Dreamer but didn’t make it before they were all out, check back. They’re on their way.

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