Do do do


Remember me mentioning a large amount of inventory being added to the store? After getting about 3/4 of it in, I am slowing down from updating the store every day all day to scheduling one or two days a week to do the deed. I’d been putting other things off for the project, and I can’t put them off anymore.

Also, Dodeka joined our little online store family and some of their library of items will be added along with the Liebmann material.

Another exciting bit is that my own first (badly done) album, Closet Monkey, joined the mix in CD form today.

But let me sing you the song of what’s been added recently and leave you alone after that.

  • Ra – Faut!
  • A Celtic Christmas – Marc Gunn (up for a limited time until I teach the store to only show seasonal material at the right time)
  • Sci-fi Drinking Songs – Mark Gunn
  • The Burning West Indies – Meg Davis – a special collectible CD. Some (if not all; I haven’t been able to check yet) come with an autographed tracklist.
  • On Deck 11 – Larry Warner
  • Falling Toward Orion – Bill Roper
  • Celtic Music Today
  • Logick – Nancy Louise Freeman
  • Seven Miles A Second – Bill Roper
  • Closet Monkey – Spearcarrier (that’s me) Fresh off the press!
  • My Favorite Sings – Kathy Mar
  • Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits – Mark Gunn (He seems to like drinking songs.)
  • Our Kind of Strange – The Faithful Sidekicks – this one is fresh off the release press!
  • For the Birds – Margaret Middleton – a download with the option to get them for free.
  • Seven White Ponies – Highland Reign
  • Festival Wind – Heather Alexander
  • Millenniel Pandemonium I

Yes, there’s more! But this has gone on long enough.


Mysterious Shop Appearances
February 25, 2023Northeast Scottish Games and Festival with our Celtic Music and more! Check us out in Jacksonville, FL.
April 28-30 2023Viking Fest with our folk music, art, and more!
July 01 - July 3 2022Inconjunction in Indianapolis with our filk stock!
September 24-September 25 2022Clayshire Castle Medieval Faire in Bowling Green, Indiana with our folk music, art, and more!
November 19, 2022Kingsland Catfish Festival, Kingsland, GA
November 25-27 2022Chambanacon with our filk CD stock!