Our first clearance sale. :-)


We’re swimming  in the Celtic Sea, and we think we need a boat. Or to have a clearance sale. Sales are more fun, so we’re going to be marking a large part of our stock

Another sporadic newsletter with holiday wishes


First, I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Around here we say, “Merry Xmas!” But for all of you, whatever it is you celebrate, I hope it’s a wonderful time. Also, A HAPPY

OOps and Possible Vinyl the Blog Post


We haven’t tried writing newsletters in the past year because the system broke and I could na’ fix it.   But maybe it’s working again. Or maybe you’ll come to where these posts go to die

Inconjunction 2021


We just returned from Inconjunction for this past 4th of July weekend. If ever there was a time to remember how precious your freedom is, it’s at times like this when everyone is stepping outside

Surmounting the untrustworthy


Lately we’ve had a few packages shipping out not make it to their destination. Once or twice I can understand, but when you hit a certain number and the packages always seem to disappear when

Made it!


… Wow! I finally made it to the end of all. That. Stock. I had in my hallway. It is now catalogued and put into the stock closet, safe from… well… my pets. This was

Do do do


Remember me mentioning a large amount of inventory being added to the store? After getting about 3/4 of it in, I am slowing down from updating the store every day all day to scheduling one

The Store is About to Burst!


That’s what I typed. The store is about to burst, and it’s only going to get worse. Long story short and as mentioned in the F is for Filker Facebook group, we recently made a

Balticon Tapes anyone?


This post is going to take a personal tone to it. It’s just how I roll. Maybe it’s the Southern thing, I dunno. But let me begin. Hi, how are ya? How’s the family? Did