Book Giveaway for What Lola Wants Lola Gets!

It’s time for some more news over here at Wôks Print!

Ready for a book giveaway? Dov Silverman, who is loosely affiliated with me as an agent, is holding an ebook giveaway for his latest book, What Lola Wants Lola Gets!

About the book: Good girls never make history. Lola Montez was anything but a good girl.

This historical fiction is about Lola Montez, the world’s most beautiful woman in the 19th century. And she knew it. There were many enamored by her sparkling blue eyes and midnight black hair.She was enamored by the stage, power and money. As a stage performer she managed to achieve all three as she danced her way through the lives of renowned men until she eventually became the Duchess of Landsfeld.

If you want to try to win a copy, now is a good time. Toddle over to Library Thing and give it a try!


It’s time to announce another change in the store. We will no longer be offering print books for sale through our store website and will be only offering digital download. Alas, but sales volume through the store are too low to maintain stock such as that in house, where our print on demand sales are still the same as ever. As a way to keep costs down for not just ourselves but you we have decided to only offer print books through our fair and convention appearances.

When you do get a book in print from us, you also get a bookmark to go with it. It’s just a little something we do to make purchasing through us stand out. We hope to see you at our up and coming events!

You can order print copies of any of our books through such bookstores as Barnes and Noble and Amazon.


Sometimes a book’s print run with a publishing company comes to an end. We are announcing that Revocare by Leslie Fish is one such book, as is another by The Anonymous Desert Rat. If you want to get it through us (which supports the authors even more than by going to a middle man) now is the time. It’s now or never.

Both books will probably go into self publication with their respective authors. At least one already has.


And that’s it for today’s news. Got feedback? Come on over and start up a conversation. We’d be glad to hear from you!

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