Another sporadic newsletter with holiday wishes


First, I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Around here we say, “Merry Xmas!” But for all of you, whatever it is you celebrate, I hope it’s a wonderful time. Also, A HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance! If we stick together, we can make next year better and better and better.

The turkey sends his regards!
Have a warm holiday!

And because I don’t like just sending these things out with one paragraph, I’ve been going in circles to figure out what to say next for what I hope is the last message of the year (this way). So… A couple of changes for this announcement.

We added a new newsletter form to the front of the website. Now you can choose from two lists (that I hope will work). With one you only get this sporadic newsletter. With the other you get this newsletter and a notification for every single product post I make. That can be a lot on some days, and it wouldn’t be to just filk, renaissance, and Celtic music. It would also be to artwork or if I need to add an insurance option, among other things. So choose wisely!

Were you aware that some of our stock helps fight brain cancer? We have a large selection of items that were once in a much-missed huckster’s stock, and all of those items generate partial proceeds to donate to charity. You can check out that portion of the store here:

Also, did you notice we have some filk podcasts linked to the front page? We sell CDs (almost) for a living but that doesn’t mean we can’t offer ways to help the filk community, and one way is to promote the guys who are helping out for free. We’ve got icons for Filk Cast, which has been running a while now, and Filk Quest, a relatively new venture but has some excellent interviews and insights to the filk community. Be sure and visit us at and check them out. Just look for the little image icons on the left hand side.

In the meantime, here are a couple of things that have been added recently:

Menagerie – Down the Brae celtic renaissance faire folk CD

Courtney J Lewis – Ultreia renaissance sca music cd

Furious Fancies – Wild Mercy (Celtic contemporary renaissance filk) signed autographed CD




Mysterious Shop Appearances
February 25, 2023Northeast Scottish Games and Festival with our Celtic Music and more! Check us out in Jacksonville, FL.
April 28-30 2023Viking Fest with our folk music, art, and more!
July 01 - July 3 2022Inconjunction in Indianapolis with our filk stock!
September 24-September 25 2022Clayshire Castle Medieval Faire in Bowling Green, Indiana with our folk music, art, and more!
November 19, 2022Kingsland Catfish Festival, Kingsland, GA
November 25-27 2022Chambanacon with our filk CD stock!