Flight of the Peacock cross stitch pattern PDF

Crafty additions: Yep. Another Update.

If you haven’t been to the store lately, don’t worry. It’s still there. That’s the beauty of the internet: we only have to close some of our doors when we go to sleep. Other departments stay open.


Things have sold, things have went out of productions, changes have been made. Many #posters in our poster collection have been removed, gone forever. But don’t worry, because new art will take their place. K. J. is good like that. When she takes an art day, sometimes she really takes an #art day.


As you know, we recently released a delightful retelling of the old legend, The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Retold by Keenum Spear, we carefully did our best to restore the much-beloved original illustrations by Kate Greenaway for use with the story. We didn’t stop there, either. We also included the original old-tyme text for curious children, parents, and really anyone who would like an entertaining history lesson.

Our Kickstarter for the #piedpiper was a bust, but we’re not worried. It is now available to the public in paperback form.  The epub is slowly underway – we would like it to look *good* when you’re reading it to your child.

It’s availability through us is but on thing that will be added to the store soon. You don’t have to wait on us, though! People in various parts of the country have already ordered theirs through their favorite bookstore, because it’s being distributed by Ingram Spark. This delightful story shall not be daunted by nasty bad obstacles.

If you want to go ahead and order your copy, the ISBN is: 978-1-944322-19-9

Or ask them to find Keenum Spear. It’s an unusual name just so you can remember it!


Cross stitch patterns, you say? Bead loom charts?

Yes, that’s right. We’re adding a new, slightly off-kilter, section to the store… because when K. J. Joyner takes an art day, as we have already said, she really takes an art day. And sometimes she likes to bead. Sometimes she likes to make cross stitch patterns. Sometimes she likes to do both. She’s versatile like that.

K. J. Joyner’s patterns aren’t commonly made, and when she does create one she has been offering them on etsy for a limited time. When the time was up, she would take them down and collectors would not have the opportunity to buy them again.. at least for a long while.

She has decided to allow her patterns to be in the Wôks Print store in PDF format only. Now collectors can find her work right here at her business home “office”. But the same conditions will apply: they’ll be up for a while, and then she will take them down.

For a while she will be putting up some old ones that have already been around once. And once they’re gone, they’re gone. So hurry and get yours while you still can!


And that’s it for our most recent update. We hope to catch you hanging around the store! On the Internet, it’s okay to loiter here.

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